RippedPoseidon was created with the public in mind. We wanted the state of VA to be the leading nft state and also give you guys the chance to make money and grow with us.

We have alot exciting waves we are creating with the sole intentions to bring wealth back to the community. We plan to drop 10 new nfts ever Saturday till we have 1500 RippedPoseidons, and every Saturday the price will raise $5 so we do our part in raising the value. We also plan on putting the most popular nfts on billboards throughout the 757 area. Another wave we have coming in the near future is a augmented reality game where you can win real currency to do with as you may!

We also offer an incentive program where you help us help you.

You place a small fee to personalize your very own RippedPoseidon and then we both advertise and promote it and watch it grow. Once sold we then split proceeds 60/40. And your 40% is sent to a predetermined wallet of your choice.

The fact that you’re still here reading shows interest. So com join the family and lets make this wave one for the books…see you around surfers.